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Posted 09 June 2014 - 07:19 PM

About ScapeCentral(CrusadersScape)
ScapeCentral(CrusadersScape) is a fansite that is dedicated to bring a unique experience to the way RuneScape Players use Fansites. Being a part of a fresh new Fansite offers a unique opportunity to give new ideas and make amazing events, guides and other amazing things that most Fansites bring for the RuneScape Community. We are currently a silver-tier Fansite that has been around since May 2013, and we have been working hard to make our unique mark in the RuneScape Fansite world.
This Fansite is still growing and building its history in the RuneScape Community, and our focus is to bring and build a Fansite that is made by the Community, for the Community. We have many unique projects under works to really bring that experience to ScapeCentral(CrusadersScape).
Being apart of the: Event Team
Being apart of our Event Team offers you a opportunity to make Events that you enjoy hosting and really have a way of growing your skills even further as well as gaining the knownlege when it comes to hosting amazing events for the RuneScape Community. The Event Team is what brings the fun to our amazing Fansite which also means you have a important role when it comes to helping us grow our site further with your unique Events.
Application Process:
All applicants will be reviewed by Corey in which will be accepted by Corey.
There is no time frame on when applications will be approved.
All applications must be submitted to Corey through the forums Messenger (Click the link to be directed to it.)Please fully read the application and requirements before submitting any applications to Corey
Are you a member of a Staff Team for another Fansite?:
If Yes please list position & Website:
First name:
Email Address:
Do you agree to maintain contact with all team members? (please provide email, Skype etc.):
RuneScape Name:
Time Played (this includes any accounts):
Applying for: Event Team
Do you agree to act respectfully and as a role model?: Yes/No
Will you be dedicated and committed to the site and team?: Yes/No
Why do you want this role?:
A bit about you:
Prior Experience: 
How many hours are you able to dedicate a week?:
How active can you be?:
Do you agree to make us aware of any absence time you require?: Yes/No
Unique Event Team Specific Questions
Do you have experience in hosting events?:
If yes please describe all events you have hosted:
There is no strong requirements for the Events team, the below is just things we look into when accepting applicants. We currently need people who are willing to put in time for CrusadersScape which will be a big part of this Fansite goal.
1. Not a Member of Staff for other Fansites
Currently we are looking to find players who are not a part of any other RuneScape Fansite/Jagex related Fansites that will affect your commitment to CrusadersScape. Since we are a new Fansite we need a fresh team that is not already apart of another Fansite which they currently putting time into.
2. Time
Being apart of the Event Team means that you need to devote some time in making events for our Community. Currently we do not have a set weekly Events but we would like some level of activity when being apart of this team. This also means you need to have a set time frame when it comes to promoting events, so if your hosting a event please plan ahead so we can work on adding it to the RuneScape Community Chronicles as well as adding it to our other promotional outlets.
3. Communication
It is absolutely vital that all the team stick together and communication is one of the key ways to make sure we are all on the same track and we don't duplicate our efforts. Whether you stay in contact via the forums, social applications (Skype etc) or via PM on the site, it is essential that we maintain communication.
4. Knowledge
Hosting events might seem simple but in some cases it is not as simple as some might think. We need our team to have some knowledge of how to plan events and have some good timing skills on when it is good to host events and what would keep players still interested and having fun during events.
5. Help in Building a Friends Chat
We are currently working on building a Friend chat for our Fansite which we will need you to spend some time in and as well as help us build this Friend chat by hosting weekly events in it.

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