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Dimension of Disaster - Posted on 2015 Mar 26
With Dimension of Disaster already out we wanted to take this opportunity to really gain a lot of player feedback about the quest good or bad. We really want you to express your feelings about the quest as far as what Jagex could of have done or what they have already did that made the quest even more amazing, as far as your expectations for the quest.
ScapeCentral/CrusadersScape Staff
RuneFest & Site Updates - Posted on 2014 Oct 05
This year has been a big challenge for our site, as well as the launch of our new site name ScapeCentral. Which we are working hard to develop the best site that will meet our full goal as well as allow us to have a long term future in the RuneScape Fansite Community. We have really worked hard to achieve some big goals we have set for our self this year, but unfortunately we didn't meet most of them, but either way this year is not over yet.
As most of you might already know RuneFest is get extremely close, and I can positively say we have a special gift for some lucky people in the RuneScape Community. As you might be know Patrick K will be handing out some Real life bonds during RuneFest, but he will only have 30 to hand out.
ScapeCentral/CrusadersScape Staff
Real Life Bond Competitions - Posted on 2014 May 10
Currently the ScapeCentral Team is working hard to make Competitions that will allow you the chance to win a Real life Bond. We are working closely with the Jagex CM team so that everyone can have a chance to win one. One of our main focus is to keep players and our members of our site fully secure, since a level of personal information as far as a valid Mailing address will be needed in order for you to be given your real life bond. So our goal is to have a lot of ways for Players and our members to obtain a real life bond for you to have for many years.
ScapeCentral/CrusadersScape Staff
Happy Easter - Posted on 2014 Apr 20
CrusadersScape would like to wish everyone a amazing Easter. Make sure to have fun on RuneScape and with friends and family during a amazing holiday.
As a little Easter Egg gift we will share with you, something that will really help push CrusadersScape to the next level of Fansites and really be a Fansite that is there for the RuneScape Community and all who help make it what it is today. We take great honor in being apart of a amazing Community full of passionate players and we hope one day you will share great memories with us.
CrusadersScape Staff - Closed - April FOOLS!! - Posted on 2014 Apr 01
We have made the decision to close down due to site funds being spent by DieHunted.
CrusadersScape will always here for the RuneScape Community and will always keep our focus to create a Fansite that is for the Community and by the Community. We have a big long road ahead of us and our journey will never end for as long as there is a strong and amazing community. I look forward to the Future of CrusadersScape and those who are with us through it all.
CrusadersScape Staff
RSG: Player Character Images - Posted on 2014 Mar 18
RuneScape Gathering is a big event where many Famous RuneScapers, RuneScape players and surprise appearances of Jagex Mods all Gather in one general area to socialize and have fun. This Event has been a historical part of RuneScape and it is one of the biggest events where many players meet up and gather. So this year CrusaderScape will be taking part in this event as a Fansite Supporter.
What we have planned for CrusadersScape which will help us show support for the RuneScape Gathering is with a Banner of Ice Mountain and a full Picture Collages of all the pictures taken during this event. We will have more information on how you can submit your pictures to be apart of the RuneScape Gathering Picture Collage, which will be hosted on this site in full detail. But it does not end there...
CrusadersScape Event Staff
Behind the Scenes - March 2014 - Posted on 2014 Mar 04
March is filled almost to the brim with Grandmaster quests and updates requsted by you, leaving just a little room for Zaros!
RuneScape News
RuneScape new minigame - Heist (BTS Video) - Posted on 2014 Feb 16
Heist is coming to RuneScape this week! In this all-new multiplayer minigame, you'll be breaking into banks to make away with bags of swag, or laying down the law by throwing thieves into jail. Whether you're a cunning master of disguise or a steely-eyed investigator, this minigame is for you.
To find out more, RuneScapes Behind the Scenes Staff brought Mod Chris L in for questioning.
If you liked this video and want to see more, head on over to RuneScape YouTube channel and subscribe!
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Our 2014 Resolution - Posted on 2014 Feb 13
This might be late, but here at CrusadersScape we are working hard to bring you the best experience in a Fansite while also building a amazing Community behind it. This year has been a lot of changes for us as far as our goals and 2014 resolution for this site, and we can confirm that we are now a Silver Tier Supported Fansite. Our goal was to show improvement and show to players who visit our site that we are working hard to make a Fansite for all to enjoy and love, and by getting a Silver Tier Fansite it shows we are working closely to get Gold and Platinum and really be a RuneScape Fansite that the Community would love and enjoy, while also bring passionate RuneScapers together.
Before I go into detail as far as what we will be planning to do in 2014, I am going to give you a brief history of when we started and how far we have come since then. CrusadersScape was made on May 2013 during that time the site was about making a Fansite that is tailored to what the Community wants and it is built by feedback of the RuneScape Community and players who use the site. A Fansite can not be what it is today without the Community that help built it and put the time and feedback to make it what it is today. 
CrusadersScape Founder
GameBlast 2014 - Day of Passion for Games - Posted on 2014 Feb 07
GameBlast 2014 is going to be a epic day for Jagex, RuneScapers and gamers of all kinds, as it will be a day to spend time playing the game you love and enjoy and as well as helping raise funds for charities. But Jagex is going to make this event even more epic for RuneScape Players. With the Poll and the Announcement of GameBlast 2014 Jagex will be doing either a Double XP or Double Drops during the weekend of February 21-23.
Not only there will be Double XP or Double Drops, Jagex will also be doing a 24 hour live stream on their RuneScape Twitch Channel and will be streaming live from the Jagex HQ. We can Expect some awesome discussions, Q&A's and fun games the Jagex staff will be doing during the 24 hour live stream. This will be really Special for Jagex since this will be their first ever 24 hour live stream and the RuneScape Community will be watching every moment of it.
CrusadersScape Staff
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